Ad Comp Inc., uses a unique sytem of phtomecahnical reproduction and proofing. This proccess is used to create package mockups, color correction, comps, prototypes and heroes. We have been providing our services to Major Corporations, design firms, marketing agencies, artists, model makers, architects and industrial designers for over eighteen years.

     With our system we produce precise, sharp, crisp, tight and exceptional multi-color transfers and comps. We have the capability of producing the smallest, lightest type and halftones as well as any combination of PMS colors,four color process, metallics, foils, pearlescents, fluorescents or matching your color samples in one sheet in register.

     Our transfers can be furnished onto just about any surface or shape with remarkable quality, durability and easy application. Our comps can be printed in different stocks such as paper, board, mylar, lexan, foil, crack'n peel, clear labels, or you can provide your own stock. With either approach the finished result of your prototype-packaging comp will be virtually indistingushible from the finest color printing. Expand your ability to explore a wide variety of graphic approaches by utilizing Ad Comp Inc's system.

     Show all of your design solutions on the actual stock, there will be no question as to how the finished piece will look. You'll be able to communicate clearly your desired result...and eliminate costly and time consuming changes due to uncertainty on the part of the client.
Ad Comp Inc., is indeed a versatile process that is the answer to many design, development and production problems. It can save you both time and money, but more importantly produce
the results you want.

     Graphic design concepts for full-impact presentations become a reality the only boundaries are your imagination.